Solar Battery Charger Questions and Answers

solar-caravan-battery-chargerQuestions and Answers on the Solar Battery Charger

1. Will the panel be damaged if left outside all year?

•No – the panel is fully weather resistant. However, most batteries are not. Therefore always ensure the battery is dry and undercover.

2. How can the crocodile clip cable be routed from an engine bay into the driver’s cabin, where the panel is located?

•You can safely close a bonnet lid and car door on the cable. However, it is vital that the area that will be clamped onto the cable is checked for sharp edges. It is a good idea to close the bonnet or door once and to reopen again to inspect the cable for any signs of signifi cant damage. Always check the cable for damage before use.

3. The cable and in-car 12V plug are attached to the panel and the solar-battery-chargerin-car socket correctly, but the Charging Indicator (D) is not illuminated. Why?

•This will be because, as you find in some makes of car and truck, when the ignition key is removed, the battery is effectively disconnected from the system. In this case the crocodile clip cable will need to be used to attach to the battery directly.

4. Can the Foldup Solar Panel damage my battery by overcharging?

• If the battery is 30Ah or above the panel will not, in any circumstances overcharge the battery. If lower than 30Ah, a 4Ah charge controller should be purchased from your retailer

NOTE: most car batteries are 70Ah or above.

5. Will the panel drain a battery when it’s dark?

• No, a built in reverse feed diode prevents this occurring.

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  1. Will an additional source of charge ie. car alternator damage a solar system when both are connected to the same battery.

  2. Thanks for your query Owen,
    An additional source of charge such as a car alternator will not cause any problems with the solar system if connected to the same battery.

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