Summer Sale

summer-sale-irelandSummer Specials – Grab a Great Deal Today!

We hope you will be delighted with our summer sale specials. Unfortunately it has to come to an end at some point so please note August 7th (2012 of course!) is the very last day.

Some don’t wait around. Grab yourself a bargain or two by clicking on the below clicks. But remember when they are gone they are really gone and the normal price kicks back in when the new stock arrives.

chimney-balloon-roundChimney Balloon 7-9 Inch Round (Includes Inflation Tube) 

Stop fireplace draughts.

Normal Price €24.95                     Summer Special €19.95

Dish SqueegeeDish Squeegee 

No more pre-rinsing.

Normal Price €8.95                       Summer Special €4.95

Eco-Pet-BowlEco Pet Bowl 

Made from recycled bottle caps.

Normal Price €7.95                        Summer Special €2.50

Energy Saving Night Light

More efficient than standard night light.

Normal Price €6.95                        Summer Special €4.95

kettle-descaler-iron-descalerKettle and Iron Descalers  

Eliminate lime from Kettle or Iron.

Normal Price €6.95                       Summer Special €3.95

Moisture MeterMoisture Meters  

Ensure plants are watered correctly.

Normal Price €9.95                        Summer Special €5.95

solar-address-number-lightingSolar Address Number Lighting System

Ensure address number is visible at night

Normal Price €29.95                    Summer Special €14.95

solar-window-light-promotionSolar Window Light

Great for summer caravan trips

Normal Price €7.95                      Summer Special  €3.95

cistern-displacement-deviceToilet Tummy

Cistern water displacement device

Normal Price €4.95                      Summer Special €2.95

water-leak-alarmWater Leak Alarm

Detects even tiny leaks in your home.

Normal Price €32.95                     Summer Special €22.95

Water-Powered-Shower-RadioWater Powered Shower Radio

Fits on shower faucet and powered by water.

Normal Price €39.95                     Summer Special €29.95

Water saving nozzleWater Saving Hose Nozzle

Save water every time you feed your plants.

Normal Price €14.95                    Summer Special  €7.95

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