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The Green Sheep of the Family – Sheep Wool Insulation Sheep-Wool-Insulation-Ireland-UK

We have all heard of the black sheep of the family but now it’s time to introduce you to the Green equivalent which can help you keep your energy bills down this winter and avoid burst pipes.

Sheep Wool Insulation Ltd, based in Rathdrum Co Wicklow is Ireland’s only provider of 100% Pure Wool Sheep Wool Insulation Rolls.

A fully natural and breathable product which ticks all the green boxes in so far as it is energy efficient, sustainable and fully biodegradable Sheep Wool Insulation Rolls can be a particularly effective alternative insulation in households where a family member suffers from an ailment such as asthma.

“Without proper attic insulation, at least 35% of  heat is lost through the roof and with energy rates increasing again this week it is very important to address this issue now in an effort to keep your outgoings to a minimum” according to Aisling MacDonald of Sheep Wool Insulation.

“Our Sheep Wool Insulation is great for homeowners who are not afraid of a little DIY work because it’s so safe and easy to install and eliminates the costs associated with hiring help. There is no need to remove the existing insulation instead just place the Sheep Wool Insulation on top and see and feel how cosy your home will become.”

Sheep wool insulation is available in rolls either 100mm or 150mm in thickness and 380mm or 570mm in width so it will easily install between joists in the vast majority of home attics. All rolls come as part of a 2 pack (150mm rolls) or a 3 pack (100mm rolls)

One of the other great things about  Sheep Wool Insulation is that it will not compress over time so while it’s a little more expensive than most alternatives it will last you a lifetime. As one of my customers put it recently  “the quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten!”  MacDonald added

Sheep Wool Insulation Ltd increased sales in Ireland in 2011 by 70% and is expecting further growth in the coming months whilst also attempting a gain a foothold in the UK market.

Sheep Wool Insulation – The Big QuestionFoster-and-Allen

Will you be sporting the finest Foster and Allen style woolly jumper in an effort to keep warm and the heating switched off this winter or will you be hiding the sheep in the attic in an effort to reduce your energy bill?

Sheep Wool Insulation – We Say:

Take a leap with the green sheep as the alternative might lead to social isolation!

Let us know what you will be doing by commenting below.

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  1. Hi there just building a house in co Meath it is 155 sqm I am wondering can you send me a price to insulate the attic supply only?

  2. Hi there, would like to use your product to insulate a transit van which is being converted into a camper. Grateful if you could provide a quote )I would think 3 or 4 big rolls would do)

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