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Having already informed you about our top selling products in 2013 we are looking into our crystal ball and predicting what we feel are likely to be some of the most popular products with customers in 2014 as we continue to expand our product range and help you save money by countering rising domestic bills.

With over 300 products to now choose from is Ireland’s leading online store for energy saving, water saving and eco related products. Order during February 2014 for Free Delivery in Ireland and a 5 Euro Discount on orders we ship Internationally.

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Radfan-Radiator-Fan1: Rad Fan

Similar product to the Radiator Booster which featured in our top selling products in 2013 the Radfan blows the heat created by your radiators into the centre of the room helping the room to heat up faster. Almost double the price of the Radiator Booster but this product is better designed in that it has two fans instead of one which are located in the centre of the product. The magnetic base ensures it stays firmly on your radiator. The Radfan beat off the competition of over 900 other products to win the overall IKEA Earth Hacker award in New York in 2013.

Radfan Customer Review

Aileen Campion says:

November 7, 2013 at 4:45 pm

“I bought the RadFan last week. I can say that the temperature in our north facing bedroom has increased by 2 C degrees with both of these in place. Delighted with the results. The delivery was prompt & the whole transaction smooth & efficient.”

Soap-Nuts-Ireland2: Soap Nuts

A late addition to our product range in 2013 and already a firm favourite with our customers. Soap nuts grow on trees in Asian countries like India and Nepal where they have been used for centurie as a washing detergent. A 1kg bag will last for 330 washing cycles and at 11.95 euro this means you can save you a significant amount of money.

Soap Nuts Customer Review

Elizabeth says:

December 12, 2013 at 4:17 pm

“I’m very happy with the soap nuts. I bought them from this company because it was the best price. They arrived quickly and I’ve been using them about three weeks for all my laundry with great results. I’ll never go back to detergent now! It was my first purchase from this website but I’ll definitely buy from here again”

Radiator-Reflectors3: Thermflect 10M Reflective Foil

A new addition to our product range in January at a very attractive price at 19.95 Euro given that it comes in a 10 Meter roll. Installed behind radiators thermflect reflects heat back into the room instead of it being lost through the wall. It can also be used for additional insulation in attics and garden shed and as a sun screen for car windscreens and on outside of greenhouses.


200L-Water-Butt-Cloudburst-Water-Butt4: 200 Litre Water Butt

With domestic water rates on the way in Ireland attaching water butts to your garden downpipes to collect rainwater and using this to water your plants is a very clever way to counter this latest stealth tax the government has thrown at us. Save money by using less water with the added incentive of doing your bit not to line the pockets of the Irish Water Consultants. We offer the Water Butt and all the accessories needed to install it at a very competitive price delivered to your door.

Water Butt Customer Reviews

Mick Loughrey says:

November 17, 2013 at 2:12 pm

I purchased a barrel a couple of years ago. Plants prefer chemical free water and grow really well when they get it. Great value compared to other web sites and didn’t cost the earth to have delivered. Keep up the good work.”

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Kitchen-swivel-tap-aerator5: Kitchen Swivel Tap Aerator

Another clever water saving product already very popular with our customers. Typically about 15 litres of water will flow from a standard kitchen tap per minute. This device restricts the water flow to just 8 litres per minute without compromising the water pressure. The swivel feature allows you to direct the water to go exactly where you want it making it more convenient when rinsing.

Kitchen Swivel Tap Aerator Customer Review

Jane Sanders says:

November 16, 2013 at 3:48 pm

The kitchen tap swivel aerator from arrived promptly and was easily applied to our kitchen faucet. It has lived up to all expectations and continues to do the job it is designed to do. Many thanks for the good service and quality products. I especially value doing business with an Irish based company.”

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moisture-meter-for-burning-wood6: Firewood Moisture Meter

Added to our range in the run up to Christmas and an immediate big seller when promoted to our customers through our Monthly Newsletter. If you burn firewood it is important that it has a moisture content of less than 18% in order for you the leap the full benefits from the log. Otherwise the energy it creates is wasted on heating the water vapour in the log as opposed to heating your home. This clever device allows you to measure the moisture content of each individual log.

Amazing-Expanding-Hose7: Expanding Hose

Another January addition to our product range and one we expect to be a great seller when the gardening season kicks in. Considering Littlewoods Ireland are selling a similar 50 foot version of this product for €67 we are confident that at just €24.95 we are offering serious value for money. Indeed the 150 foot version of our product is more than 12 Euro cheaper than the Littlewoods price. Easy to store this hose expands three times its original size when attached to a water supply and the tap is turned on. It will quickly retract to its original size when you turn the water off.

See Expanding Hose Demo Video

Outdoor-Water-Tap-Lock8: Outdoor Lock for Water Tap

When the water rates do come in water theft could potentially be a real threat for those of you with an outdoor water tap. This clever device fits on the spout of your tap and is virtually impossible to remove. Made from a hard zinc alloy it is both weather and tamper proof.

See Outdoor Water Tap Lock Installation Video

Bin-Strap9: Bin Strap

A neat Irish made product which prevents litter rising from your wheelie bin and decorating your garden during windy conditions it will also deter birds, cats and other animals from accessing your waste. The recent bad weather and windy conditions has made this quite popular of late with our customers.

See Bin Strap Video Installation Video


10: Portable Water Pump

Recent weather conditions and flooding in Ireland have forced our hand to include this product. A battery operated fully submersible pump this device can be brought anywhere to pump water even in buildings where flooding has caused the power supply to be disconnected.

Portable Water Pump Customer Review

Linda says:

January 13, 2014 at 1:19 pm

I recently purchased a portable water pump. This item is amazing, I am using it for emptying water from a fish tank, a job that used to take 3 hours has now been cut in half!Every home in the country should have one of these pumps, if i every have a flood in my house, this product will work perfectly. A handy,small design but with great power and very easy to use.As for, I would highly recommend this site, very professional service, great communication and back-up service.

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