Plug Hole Hair Remover


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Eco Plug Hole Hair Remover

This Plug Hole Hair Remover from Ecozone will disolve hair that causes blockages in bathroom plugholes completely without causing any harm to your plumbling system.

The unique formula uses specially developed enzymes to completely disolve even the most stubborn  bathroom blockages. Many other bathroom unblockers rely on caustic chemicals which can release toxic fumes but the Ecozone Hair Unblocker is free from corrosive and caustic ingredients.

The Ecozone Plug Hole Hair Remover comes in 250ml bottles (enough to clear two blockages)

Where can the Plug Hole Hair Remover be Used?

The Bathroom Plug hole hair unblocker can be used in showers, baths and sinks and will act to unblock and refresh any bathroom plughole.

How to use the Eco Plug Hole Hair Unblocker?

1: Shake the 250ml bottle well.

2: Pour 2 litres of warm water into the affected plughole.

3: Add half the bottle of hair remover to the warm water (about 125ml)

4: Leave to sit overnight

5: Rinse with 2 litres of warm water in the morning and blockage should be cleared.

 Plug Hole Hair Remover Ingredients

Aqua, Alcohol ethoxylate, Alcohol, Protease Enzyme and Calcium Thioglycollate



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