Paper Shredder


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Paper Shedder

This paper Shedder from Aurora (Model AS618SB) allows you to safely destroy all paper documents whilst optimising the space in your waste bins.

This compact cut strip model is ideal for both home or office use and shreds up to 6 sheets of standard 75gsm paper at a time.

The Aurora AS618SB Model can shred up to 7.5 metres of paper per minute and comes with an 11.8 litre bin.

By shredding personal paper documents you not only get the peace of mind of knowing that they are not finding their way into unwanted hands but you can also save money on your waste charges by compacting your rubbish waste more effectively.

Other Features and Specifications of the Aurora As618SB Shredder

  • Paper entry width of 220mm (A4 page)
  • Cut size of 6mm
  • Security level DIN 2
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Noise level of 70db
  • Shreds staples
  • Auto-start and stop
  • Reverse Function For Jams
  • Dimensions 310mm (width) x 185mm(Depth) x 340mm (Height)
  • Weight 2.3kg



Heavy Duty Shredder



Bin Trasher (domestic)

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Bin Trasher (Commercial)

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