Eco Hard Surface Stain Remover


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Eco Hard Surface Stain Remover

This 4 pack of Hard Surface Stain Removers from Ecozone will shift the most stubborn of stains from any surface around the house without adding any harmful chemicals.

Made from a fine micro-texture sponge you simply dampen the sponge with water and the sponge will make light work of any stains anywhere.

Handy for all sorts of jobs about the house, the Stain Eraser will save you money compared to buying expensive cleaning products, and make cleaning a doddle. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

What Can you Use the Eco Stain Remover On?

Taps and Tiles
Stained plates and cups
Fridge, freezers and ovens and hob tops
Doors Floors and Light switches
Skirting Boards
Bathtubs and bathroom floors
Wood and vinyl flooring
Paint work
Car and bicylce wheel rims
Leather shoes

How to Use the Ecozone Stain Eraser

1: Remove one of the four pack of sponge erasers from pack and dampen lightly with water.

2: Scrub lightly over stains and watch them disappear.

Eco Stain Removers More Information

The Ecozone stain erasers are made from 100% melamine foam

Always test on an subtle area first.

Don’t use on varnished surfaces or those likely to scratch.

Never use on your skin.

Don’t use with detergents.

Always rinse crockery after use




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