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Eco Eye Smart PV Solar Energy Monitor

The Eco Eye Smart PV is designed to monitor both the power generated from your solar panels and the power used from the mains grid. 

It connects directly to your generated power and demand power cables which enables it to tell you when you are generating or consuming power.

This will allow you to minimise your energy outgoings by optimising the power usage at times when you are generating the most electricity.

How the Eco Eye Smart PV works?

The Eco Eye Smart PV has been specifically designed to monitor the power created by domestic solar installations.

The power you generate, the grid power used and the net power are shown on a clear portable display unit.

3 Sensors clip around the generated and demand cables and the on board traffic light system instantly shows when you have a surplus solar power or you are using mains power from the grid.


The USB real time output allows you to send data via a cable to your computer for further analysis.

The Smart PV can log generated and demand electricity to a memory card at 4 second intervals. This information can then be downloaded onto your computer for analysis.

What Comes in the Eco Eye Smart PV Kit?

1 Smart PV Display Unit

2 x Standard 13mm Sensors and cables

1 Smart PV transmitter

1 Voltage sensor

2 x AA Batteries

2 x C Cell Batteries

1 USB Cable

1 Memory Card

1 Plastic Access Key

Trax software for use on windows computer

Detailed installation instructions plus customer support installation helpline contact phone number.




Smart Energy Monitor

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Eco Energy Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite

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