Eco Energy Monitor


Replaced by Efergy Elite

Eco Eye Mini Electricity Monitor

The eco eye mini is probably the easiest to use energy monitor on the market.

Replaced by Efergy Elite 

It has a large screen which focuses on showing just one piece of information at any one time thus avoiding the confusion that many other energy monitors on the market can cause by simply having too much information on the screen.

The Eco Eye Mini is easy to install (no electrician required) and gives a real time measurement on what energy you are consuming so that you can act upon your usage behaviour immediately.

The monitor itself is free standing so you can bring it with you to any room in the house to Eco-Eye-Energy-Monitoraccess where all the energy is being consumed.

The monitor itself is compact in size 75mm (height) x 75mm width x 50mm depth.

If you energy bill has a night saver tariff the good news is that the Eco Eye Mini can facilitate dual tariffs so you will always get an accurate reading.

What comes in the Eco Eye Mini Energy Monitor Pack?

- 1 Display MonitorEco-Eye-Mini-Electricity-Monitor

- 1 Standard Sensor (13mm) and cable (Clips on to power supply)

- 1 Transmitter unit (attaches to sensor)

- 4 AA Batteries (powers both the display monitor and transmitter)

- Plastic Access Key (for setting up monitor)

- Details instructions on how to use.

See Eco Eye Mini Video

Above video shows that by simply turning on an electric kettle the cost of energy increases from 0.15 cent per hour to €2.90. Might make some of you consider the Vektra Eco Kettle

Eco Eye Mini Check List and Technical Specifications

Portable Display Unit Yes
Display Freestanding Yes
Wireless Transmitter Yes
100 amp 13mm sensor Yes (included in pack)
200amp 17.5mm sensor Yes (sensor has to be bought separately)
Coverage range 30 meters
Display Unit Size 75 x 75 x 50 mm
Screen Size 60 x 60 mm
Maximum number of sensors you can use 3
Is it Multi-Tariff Yes (2 tariff options)
Transmitter Battery Life 1 Year plus
Monitor Battery Life 1 Year plus
Transmitter sample rate 4 seconds
Low battery warning Yes
Connectivity Indicator Yes
Display Currency options € £ $
Current sensing range 0.2 – 100/200 Amps
Transmitter mains power option Yes
Display monitor mains power option Yes
LCD Display panel Yes
Other Features
24 hour clock Yes
Temperature Display Yes
History Reset Facility Yes
Firmware upgrade (RTB) Yes
Display Modes
Hour Kw / Cost / Amps
Day Kw / Cost
Week Kw / Cost
Month Kw / Cost / KgCO2
Year Kw / Cost
Period accumulated display Yes
Sequential display of all modes Yes
Data Storage Capacity 32 Hours, Days, Weeks and Months. 4 Years



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Elite Electricity Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite