Solar Flickering Candle Light


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Solar Flickering Candle Light

Designed by Powerplus this solar flickering candle light is known as the Nightmoth.

It  is a safe solar powered yellow coloured candle with a flickering effect just like a real candle. Great in homes where there is small children or pets.

The Nightmoth  charges in daylight and at night the candle starts automatically through the built-in daylight sensor.

Solar Flickering Candle Light Video Demonstration

Solar Flickering Candle Light Technical Specifications


Solar Panel 2V 60mA polychrystalline
LED Colour Yellow 1 Pc
Battery 1.2V 600mAh AAA Ni-MH
Size 10.8cm * 6.2o
Lighting time after 1 hour charge in sun 1 Hour
Lighting time fully charged 20 Hours
Charging time battery for full charge 24 Hours


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Solar Candle Light