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Lighting Timer

We have all been guilty of leaving lights on unnecessarily whether its a case of falling asleep in the bedroom or not turning the switch off after a visit to the bathroom.

This light switch timer is a great solution to counter this issue which can pay for itself within just eight weeks (based on a 100W light bulb being left on)

Designed by Powerplus you simply connect this timer to the lamp base or light fitting and select between 5 to 60 minutes on how long you wish the light to remain on. It will automatically switch off after the selected time period. There is even a 2 minutes audible warning signal that the light is about to go off.

To switch on again just switch the light switch off and on

Easy to install and a easy and effective way to save energy light timers are supplied with both standard Bayonet (B22) and screw in (E27) light fixings.

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How to Use the Light Bulb Timer

1: Select the required minutes before switch off by setting the screw switch at the centre of the light timer

2: Unscrew light bulb from the llight fitting or lamp base

3: Connect timer to the light fitting or lamp base

4: Insert bulb into timer

5: Switch on the light

At preset minutes after switch on the light will automatically switch off. (5 to 60 minutes)

Two minutes before switch off the timer gives a beeping signal. This gives you time to adjust the timer should you wish to have the light to remain on



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