Electricity Monitoring Socket


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Electricity Monitoring Socket

Replaced by Smart Plug Energy Monitor Available here

The new Eco Eye energy monitoring socket is a high specification plug in meter which can accurately measure the energy consumption of any plug in electrical appliance.

Using this Energy Meter enables any electrical product to be accurately measured for current consumption and display the cost of running the appliance.

This new model has a built in memory feature and allows for dual tariffs (you can set it up for accuarate measurement if your energy supplier provides you with daytime and nighttime rates)

With the Energy Meter the user can identify high energy applications and their associated cost to run and decide how and where to save energy and money.

The product will allow you to calculate how much the device will cost you over the duration of time you have it plugged in.

How the Electricity Monitoring Socket Works

To use simply plug into socket and use the simple push button functions to view the data on the digital LCD screen.

Using your electricity bill set the cost per kilowatt hour that you pay on the electricity monitoring socket.

Plug in the appliance you want to measure into the monitor.

The monitor will immediately detail how much power the appliance is consuming.

Product Video Plug In Energy Meter

Please note we sell a three pin version and not the two pin European version demostrated in the below video.

Specification for the Electricity Monitoring Socket

Normal operation voltage: 230Vac/50Hz

Load current: max. 16A

Voltage working range: 175Vac~ 276Vac

Display: Day display range: 0 second~ 9999 days

Power display range: 0.0W~ 9999W

Voltage display range: 0.0V~ 9999V

Current display range: 0.000A~ 9999A

Frequency display range: 0Hz~9999Hz

Electrical cost range:

Electrical consumption range: 0.000
kWh~9999 kWh

Total cost of energy: 0.00COST~9999COST

Unit price of power range:

Working condition:

Working Voltage: 175Vac~276Vac

Voltage Frequency: 45 ~ 65HZ

Working Current: ≤16A

Working Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C



Eco Energy Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite


Elite Electricity Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite

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  1. we wish to monitor electricity usage out of a shed we use with a lead going to a polytunnel,this is fed from a wall socket in the shed ,what unit do you have and costs please ,Paul.

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