Solar Alarm Clock


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Solar Alarm Clock

This sound activated Solar or USB charged clock will not only tell you the time and wake you up after a rest. It also tells you the day of the week, the date and even what the room temperature it is.

Designed by Powerplus and also know as the Racoon this new solar clock will default to energy saving mode by simply making a noise (whistle or clap your hands) and you can activate the lighting mode again by doing the same thing.

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The clock will change through the powerful amorphous solar cell panel or can also be charged by using the included USB connection cable.

The Solar Alarm clock has cool white LCD digits on screen

Setting Time and date on Solar Alarm Clock How-To-Set-Solar-Alarm-Clock

In normal time mode press “time set” and hold for 2 seconds to start the setting.

Please “time set” to change the setting items (seconds, hour, minute, year, month, date)

and this item will flash when selected. Press “Up” and “Down” to adjust the value.

The day is set automatically

When you have selected and changed the value of all the setting items press “time set” to return to normal time mode.

Solar Clock Alarm Setting

In normal time mode press “Alarm Set and hold for 2 seconds to start setting. Press “Alarm Set” to change the  setting items (hour and minute) and this will flash when selected (under ALM in display)

When you have selected and changed the value of all the setting items press “alarm set” to return to normal time mode.

With “Alarm On/Off” you can activate or deactivate the alarm. When the alarm is activated a small clock item is displayed on the screen. If you fancy a bit more time rest you can click on the snooze button on the top of the alarm clock

Turn off the alarm completely with the Alarm On/Off button

Other functions of Solar Alarm Clock

Switch “sensor off/on” to activate or deactivate the sound response function

Press “Up” C/F in normal time mode to change temperature between Celcius and Fahrenheit

Press “Down” 12/24 to change between 12 and 24 hour time setting

Press “Snooze Light” to activate the backlight without sound or when sensor is turned off.

The clock can also be charged through USB. USB Connector is included in the pack. Connect cable to DC port in clock and connect order side to your computer. The White LCD Backlight will remain on when being charged of USB.

Reset option. Press with a small pin into the reset hole for resetting the clock.

Instructions removing the internal battery after lifetime of Solar Clock

1: Open the clock by releasing the 2 screws with a small screwdriver

2: Take out battery and deliver to a battery collection point for recycling.



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