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Foil Hot Water Cyclinder Insulation Jacket (3 Sizes)

This foil based hot water insulating cylinder jacket known as the Armadillo is made from 25mm thick foam with a silver bubble cover.

Tests show that this unique design offers improved insulation qualities when compared with your traditional cylinder insulating jacket.

Designed to be simple to install the Armadillo jacket consists of five foil covered foam panels, three securing straps and a tie chord. It comes in three sizes to suit different sized cylinders.

36 Inches x 18 Inches (120 Litre cylinder)

42 Inches x 18 Inches (144   Litre cylinder)

48 Inches x 18 Inches (166 Litre cylinder)

Conserve energy and reduce bills with this clean and completely non-irritant cylinder jacket

How to Install the Hot Water Tank Foil Jacket Fitting Hot Water Cylinder Insulation Jacket

1: Put the panels in a vertical position around the cylinder ensuring the eyelets are at the top so that the connecting pipework will be able to pass through the gaps between the panels.

2: Put the cord through the eyelets and tie off so that the panels fully cover the top of the cylinder.

3: Use the three straps to tie and secure the panels into final position

How the Armadillo Foil Jacket Compares to Traditional Hot Water Cylinder Jacket?

A standard domestic hot water cylinder was heated with an immersion heater to 60 degree celcius twice.

The first time it was fitted with a traditional four section plastic encapsulated fibre insulating jacket. The second time it was fitted with the Armadillo Jacket.

The results as outlined in the table in images clearly show that the heat loss from the cylinder is reduced when the Armadillo is fitted.

This means that the hot water you heat will stay hotter longer which can ultimately mean that you can reduce your energy bill.

Hot Water Tank Insulation Jacket Test

Cylinder Insulation Jacket Test




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  1. Hi, I’m wondering if this foil jacket could also be used to keep things cold .ie a keg of beer

    1. Certainly a question I wasn’t expecting but perhaps we have found a new selling point for the product. Essentially the jacket will work in both ways to maintain the temperature so if it is hot it will keep it hot longer and if cold it will also keep it cold longer.

    1. Measure the length from top to bottom and it will most likely be 36 inches, 42 or 48. The majority of Irish customers tend to go with the 36 but if in doubt too big is definitely a better option than too small.

  2. Mine is a tight space around the back & side of the tank in hotpress.

    42″ tall tank. Should I get the 48″ jacket to be on the safe side ?

    1. Unfortunately Sean, the company that makes them are not manufacturing at present. We do hope to get these back as soon as we can though as it is a hugely popular item. Hopefully for the Autumn!