Energy Saving Thermometer



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Thermometer with built in recommendations

This all round household thermometer gives temperature readings in both degrees Celsius (-50 to + 50 degrees) and in Farenheit  (-60 to +120 degrees)

It has marks built in to show you the ideal temperature for your freezer, fridge and for room temperature which will help you ensure your home is as efficient as possible and you can save money on energy bills and groceries.

The Ecosavers thermometer uses an alcohol base (as opposed to mercury) to measure reliability.


It will help ensure your rooms are not unnecessarily over heated and running up your energy costs.

Similarly it can be used to ensure that both your fridge and freezer are not at too cold at setting which can also eat into your pocket when the energy bill arrives.

On the other hand if the temperature setting on your fridge or freezer is too warm it could mean that food does not stay fresh for as long and might end up in the bin instead of your belly. This would be a double charge effectively. The money wasted on buying food that went unconsumed and the cost of disposing of it.

A great simple tool to help educate children on energy saving and waste management.



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