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Endotherm Central Heating Additive

EndoTherm is an liquid additive for your central heating which helps to ensure that the water in your central heating will heat up faster which in turn leads to your rooms heating up faster.

It ensures that the boiler remains in standby mode for long periods during the heating cycle and the the heating process is stabilised.

This means that less fuel is burned and you will save an average of 15% on your heating bill every year.

For every €1,000 you spend on central heating fuel the Endotherm will help you save €150.

The EndoTherm is supplied as a ready to use solution which is easy to install and can be used with any wet heating system whatever the fuel used (gas, oil, biomass etc)

It has been rigourously tested over the past 5 years and has helped to achieve saving on energy bills wherever it has been used.

EndoTherm will remain in a closed central heating system without any deterioration of energy savings for at least 3 years according to independent tests meaning after your initial purchase you don't have to buy again for 36 months.

Benefits of Endotherm

1: Lower your heating costs by 15% per annum.

2: Reduce heat up time so home is warm and cosy faster.

3: Stabilises the heat dissipation to ensure boiler is active for less time during the heating cycle process.

4: Helps to reduce noise levels

5: Helps to reduce internal scaling

6: One 500ML bottle is suitable for treating a home with 12 radiators for at least 12 months.

How does EndoTherm work?

The process of the heating cycle involves hot water travelling through radiators and delivering heat to the room. It then returns to the boiler for re-heating.

The boiler is never operating continually instead it only operates when the recorded temperature drops below the desired level set by you the user.

The water temperature therefore never remains constant. Instead it heats and cools in cycles dependent on the activity of the boiler.

The EndoTherm additive is made from a blend of non-ionic glucoses and fatty alcohols which reduces the surface tension of water.

It changes the nucleate boiling characteristics which means that it increases the rate of heat flow from the boiler tubes into the bulk water.

Essentially it has a stabilising effect on the physical characteristics  of the water within the system. It helps to lower the energy input to your boiler whilst maintaining the comfort levels of your home.

Endotherm Savings (Based on UK Energy Saving Trust Energy Prices)


How to use Endotherm

1: Shake bottle well before use

2: Add to system via a partially drained radiator or through the feed and expansion tank.

3: Use entire contents and ensure equal amount is drained from system before adding.

4: After use bleed radiators to remove trapped air.

5: Endotherm will circulate within an hour and help you start reducing your heating bill.

See Endotherm Installation Video

Endotherm Filler central-heating-liquid

For non vented heating systems where you pour the Endotherm into the radiators as opposed to the header tank this filler will make the job a lot easier.

Endotherm Customer Feedback

The trial of EndoTherm™ at our head office has demonstrated a saving of 33% compared with the same period last year. Consideration is now being given to implementing this technology into a larger site such as the Town Hall.

- Cabinet Member: Public Health and Housing (UK)

EndoTherm™ was installed into a low secure inpatient service in South Wales. Within days the temperature in the home had noticeably increased. Our maintenance department had to lower the seing on the boiler to compensate. At the end of the month our gas consumption was 15.6% lower than the same month last year adjusted with degree days. Obviously we are very pleased with this result.”

- Director, South Wales healthcare group

“The trials with EndoTherm™ in our boilers have been very impressive. We have noted less circulating noise and better conductivity. We will install EndoTherm™ into any central heating systems we install in the future.”

- Heating Engineer

My average gas bill has gone down from £102 to £75 per month since EndoTherm™ was installed. Its amazing how something so simple has made such a difference to my monthly heating bills.

- Domestic installation, Cheshire



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