Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve



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Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve

The Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve from Aladdin can help reduce your energy bills by keeping your radiators air free

Easy to fit and no need for adjustment once installed the automatic radiator bleeding valve reduces corrosion and system noises and have a long and leak free life.

Half Inch Bleeding Valve tends to fit about 80% of Irish Radiators

The Multi Size Automatic Bleeding Valve tends to suit 20% of Irish Radiators

Features & Benefit of Radiator Bleeding Valve

  • Easy to fit and no adjustments ever needed after fitting.
  • No need to ever drain the radiator again
  • Long leak free life
  • Saves energy and reduces fuel bills by keeping radiators air-free and hot to the top.
  • Dispenses with the need for radiater bleed keys
  • Reduces corrison and systemnoise

Sizes Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve Come in?

There are two standard sizes

HV30 Model which is suitable for 1/2 Inch radiator threads

Micro Model which is suitable for 1/8 Inch and 1/4 Inch radiator threads

How do you fit the Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve?

1: You need an adjustable wrench and an old cloth to dray radiator tapping

2: Switch the central heating system off and allow to cool.

3: Isolate the radiator. Avoid flooding by closing the isolator valves at the bottom of the radiator.

At one end this will be the lockshield valve with a plastic cover. Remove the cover and turn the spindle clockwise using an adjustable wrench.

At the other end there will be either a wheelhead valve which can be turned off by hand or a thermostatic valve which should be turned to zero.

4: For the HV30 Model simply unscrew the old manual vent plug using the adjustable wrench. Mop up any spillage with cloth.

With the Micro Model two adaptors are supplied to fit two different radiator thread sizes. Where possible replace the plug which the little square vent pin fits into rather than the pin itself. The 5mm adapter uses the rubber washer.

5: Screw the valve into the radiator tapping and close tight with the adjustable wrench. Ensure that the cartridge in the middle of the valve is screwed all the way in.

6: Turn valves back on.

This product comes with a 5 year guarantee. Replacement cartridge might need to be installed after this time-frame.




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