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De Vielle 9 Piece Chimney Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your chimney ensures that your fire will burn hotter and cleaner and result in a much efficient use of your burning fuel.

Regular cleaning helps to prevent the formation of creosote and the build up of tar in your flue which can lead to blocked chimneys.

A blocked chimney or stove flue can result in chimney fires and could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

This great Chimney Cleaning Kit from De Vielle has everything you need to clean your chimney whether you use a coal or log burning fire.

The kit contains 8 flexible polypropylene rods. Each rod is 920mm in length. The rods are easy to join together through the included zinc-alloy end connections. This also helps to prevent corrosion and damage from high temperatures.

When fully assembled the rods stretch to 24 foot in length (7.3 meters)

A sweep 1o Inch brush head (25cm diameter) made is also included in the kit which easily fits on to the rods and effectively cleans soot in your chimney and ash build up.



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