Bathroom Heater Light Fan


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Bathroom Heater Light Fan

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The cold chill having stepped out of a shower on a cold winters morning is something we are all familiar with as the moisture evaporates from your drying skin and we shiver our way into a new day.

By contrast when you visit sunny climes and go for a swim the radiant heat for the sun dries the water from your body and makes you feel warm when you emerge from the water.

This new Heater Light Fan (HLF) unit makes it possible to replicate the effect of the sun in your bathroom.  This three in one unit includes 4 heat lamps, an energy efficient 3.5 W light and a 25 Watt extractor fan.

Each heat lamp runs off over a 275W instant radiant heat bulb and you can see it to run at half power (2 lamps - 550W) or full power (all 4 lamps - 1.1KW)

Cutout: - 300mm x 300mm

Fascia Size: - 365mm x 365mm

Min Depth: - 260mm

The heat produced is instant so there is no need to switch on 20 minutes before you go to take your bath or shower and even if used at full power (four lamps on) it will only add about 5 cent to your energy bill per 15 minutes in use.

Added to this is 60 watt Led centre light. The light can be used by itself only or in conjunction with the heat lamps.

The Sunheat  also incorporates a 25 watt extractor fan for the removal of steam and avoid condensation.

It is supplied with 100mm ducting, detailed installation instructions and a template for ceiling cut out.

Features and Technical Specs Sunheat Bathroon Heater Lighter and Extractor Fan

  • Heating: - Four long life 275w infra-red bulbs - included.
  • Lighting: Uses E27/R80/60W light bulb for illumination - included
  • Dual power setting 550W /1100W
  • Quickly warms the bathroom with no pre heating required.
  • Switch -3 or 4 button mains wall switch supplied or can be custom wired by an electrician.
  • Voltage 230v /50hz
  • Inpur power: 1160w
  • CE certified
  • Built in Extractor Fan Motor -230v 50hz 35W
  • Powerful but quite motor efficiently removes steam.
  • Extractor fan NOT timed.
  • Input Power: 1195W
  • Air Volume: 180m3/hr
  • Noise: 1.2 sones
  • Motor speed: 1150rpm
  • Duct Diameter: 100mm (1.5 mts supplied)

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Bathroom Heater Light Fan Mini