Far Infrared Rectangular Mirror Heater



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Far Infrared Rectangular Mirror Heater

Optimise the space in your home or your workplace by allowing these wonderful low energy far infrared heaters double up as a mirror.

Designed to evenly distribute the heat throughout a small room and suitable to fit into a wide range of areas such as office, hair salon or  your living room, home office or bedroom.

Far Infrared Rectangular Mirror Heater Specifications

Working Voltage: 220 -240volts, 50Hz

Wattage: 300W

Size: 600mmx700mm

Front Surface Temperature: 90-110 degree Celcius

Heating element: Far infrared carbon crystal

Surface: Tempered safety mirror

Protection: overheat protection device Frameless

Energy Transfer Ratio: 98%

Insulation: NO

Mounting: Wall mounted only

Cable: 2M/3M with VDE certificate

Package: Individual PP bag/inner box/Protection foam




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