Vektra 4 Eco Kettle


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Vektra 4 Temperature Setting Eco Kettle


The original 1.7 Litre Vektra Eco Kettle (available here) was designed to keep your water hot for up to 4 hours after boiling.


This brand new addition to the range the Vektra 4 not only does this it also has an advanced base plate which indicates the water temperature and lets you set the temperature which you want to heat the water to.


Ideal for a professional Barista or Tea Sommelie or for those of us that aspire to be the Vektra 4 has a 1.5 litre capacity (about 5 cups) and is available in 5 different colours.


Choose between the Stainless Steel Model (See main photo) or one of the other four colours below.





Metallic Black


Metallic Bronze


Metallic Red


See Vektra Kettle Video



Recommended Temperature for Hot Drinks


Beverage Recommended Temperature Range
Herbal Tea 95 – 100 °C
Black Tea 95 - 100°C
Coffee 85 - 91°C
White Tea 75 - 85°C
Green Tea (Regular) 85 - 91°C
Green Tea (Delicate) 68 - 75°C
Oolong Tea 85 - 90°C
Ph-Erh 99 - 100°C




Vektra Eco Kettle

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