Water Powered Shower Timer


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Shower Timer Powered by Water

Introducing the world's first ever water powered shower-timer.

Elegantly designed with a super chrome finish the water powered shower timer fits directly on the faucet of your shower. When the water is switched on the water powers the integrated turbine generator. This in turn creates energy to power the internal electronic timer and coloured LED lights.

Easy to install the Water Powered Shower timer will remind you how long you have been in the shower through a timed lighting sequence structure.

0-4 Minutes - The Light will be green

4-8 Minutes - The Light will be blue.

8-12 Mintues - The Light will be red

12 Minutes Plus - The Light will be a flashing red.


Comes with a 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

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Technical Details for the Water Powered Shower Timer

Output when water pressure at 0.25 Mpa/36PSI/2.5 BAR flux > 380 L/hr Voltage 5V
Size and Weight
Size Height 11cmDiameter 5cm
Weight 85 gram




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