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Shower Timers from Powerplus is an innovative new product to educate children and adults alike to learn about saving water and energy.

You have the option to pick from three different models













1: Duck Shower Timer

2: Water Drop Shower Timer

3: Frog Shower Timer

With the Irish people using an average in excess of 150 litres of water per day the Shower timer is a fantastic way of monitoring usage and acts as a great awareness device for reducing water usage.
Simply set the minutes and seconds you want to shower and after the set time, the timer will beep as a sign to stop showering.

Limit the time you shower and save water and energy, every day time and time again.
The Shower timer comes with a digital countdown timers and alarm can easily be mounted on the shower wall by the integrated suction cup.

Watch Video on how the Shower Timer works


Specifications of Shower timer


Time 1 sec – 99min 59 sec
Buttons 1 Minute2 Seconds3 Start/Stop
Reset Push Minute and seconds buttons together
Battery Type LR44 (AG 13) Included

Showertimer Customer Reviews


Suzanne says:

Purchased shower timer few months ago as I had noticed electricity bill rising as my son was a bit forgetful when it came to switching off the shower , this is a handy inexpensive little gadget which reduces time spent in shower it’s good to get into these habits before water charges are introduced!! Will probably look at buying the shower head too as I see some positive comments there! Great service also :-)

Mary says:

The Showertimer does what its supposed to well and helps limit time spent in shower!
Overall the products were great, fast reasonably priced delivery, great overall service.

Y Harte says:

Purchased a Showertimer for an xmas present – great fun for my boys all are using it

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Water Saving Showerhead

Replaced by alternative showerhead


  1. I bought this product around two months ago in preperation for the introduction of water meters. I have two teenage daughters who never seem to be out of the bathroom and I wanted them to get used to the idea that soon enough we’ll be monitoring our household water usage. I came across this and thought that’ll be handy. Once installed I explained to the girls that they only get a set amount of time in the shower and they seem to have responded well. Very handy little gadget.

  2. Looking for one of these for ages hope it will do the trick of cutting down time in the shower

  3. Excellent product does exactly what it’s supposed to .But I was just wondering how long the battery lasts ?