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Flush Wiser

The flush wiser is designed to attach to the siphon in your toilet cistern and if installed it is estimated that on average you will conserve 36 litres of water per day without effecting the efficiency of the flush of your toilet.

The Flush wiser works by allowing your toilet to fill with air instead of water. The more air that comes in, the more water you will save. The flush wiser has five settings and thus is adjustable to suit the efficiency of each individual toilet cistern.

Advantages of the Flush Wiser Over Cistern Displacement Devices

  • With the flush wiser the amount of water used to flush the toilet can be adjusted to suit each individual cistern depending on its size and performance. This is not possible with the cistern displacement devices.
  • The flush wiser cannot interfere with the mechanisms of the toilet cistern.

How to install the Flush Wiser

  1. Flush toilet and turn off water supply ensuring that there is no water in the cistern.
  2. Insert 7mm drill bit into the head of the drill.
  3. Drill hole into the top of the siphon.
  4. Insert Flush Wiser into the hole in the siphon.
  5. Line up arrow with number on the Flush Wiser. The Higher the number the more water you save.
  6. Test for the efficiency of the flush and if necessary adjust the number setting.

Important Information on the Flush Wiser.

The Flush Wiser is designed to work effectively in all toilet cisterns installed pre-2001. It is not suitable for use on dual flush toilets.



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