Bellow Pump



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Bellow Pump

If you don't fancy inflating your chimney balloon by mouth you can always use a bellow pump.
This is handy product which can also be used to inflate blow up mattress's and many other inflatable products.

How you use the bellow pump to inflate your chimney balloon.

  1. Attach inflation tube to chimney balloon.
  2. Attach the opposite end of inflation tube to the nozzle on the bellow pump.
  3. Start pumping and close tap on chimney balloon when fully inflated.

Other Chimney Balloon Accessories

After inflating your chimney balloon sometimes it can be difficult to reach the tap on the balloon. A spare tap eliminates this issue.
If your chimney flue is 4ft or further up your chimney we recommend that you also purchase an extended handgrip.
The Energizer 3 Led Headlight is a useful tool to use when installing your balloon.
Got a chimney balloon but lost your inflation tube? You can now buy one separately.



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