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ZeroCal Water Descaler

Zerocal is a new Italian made hard water treatment system designed to prevent the build up of scale and corrosion on your appliances.

Easy to install and maintain the Zerocal anti scale dosing unit will help you save on your fuel and electricity cost and prolong the lifetime of your boiler and other electrical appliances.

A recent study in the University of Plymouth showed that a boiler with no limescale heated a home in 90 minutes but a boiler with 10mm of scale took 6 hours to heat the home.

See post here on how limescale adds to your energy bill 

It is the only hard water treatment system which operates without a power supply and has a liquid refill alarm and liquid level indicator.

How ZeroCal Water Descaler Works?

The Zerocal unit is designed to be fitted on the water pipes at the point where the water supply enters the home. It can be placed laterally or unilaterally on the pipes.

When installed you pour the zerocal liquid into the zerocal antiscale system.

When using this liquid the water you use is completely save to drink as phosphate liquid is 100% food safe and (It is a food grade anti scale product in compliance with standards set out in EU Commission Directive 2002/82/EC.)

Polyphosphate is added automatically to the water to reduce the ability of the water hardness to return to its rocklike state. Despite this treatment when using polyphosphates the calcium and magnesium are not reduced or removed from the water.

On top of removing scale from the water you are using the zerocal will also eliminate existing scale on the pipes after a number of weeks.

How often does the ZeroCal liquid need to be replaced?

The Zerocal descaler comes with a 500ml bottle of zerocal liquid. This is enough to treat 60,000 litres of water so how often it needs to be refilled will really be dicatated by the amount of people living in the home but generally a new bottle will be needed every 4 to 6 months.

An alarm will signal on the unit when the liquid needs to be replaced which ensures that scale won't start building up on your pipes and electrical appliances again.

Watch Zerocal Descaler Demonstration Video


The ZeroCal unit comes with detailed easy to follow installation instructions and the product comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.



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