USB Powerbank and AA Battery Charger


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USB Powerbank and AA Battery Charger

This USB Powerbank and AA Battery Charger from Powerplus is also known as the Lizard

Connect any mobile phone to the USB out port to charge or power any other small electrical appliances which have a usb adapter.

Also charge up your AA Batteries through the powerful solar panel.

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USB Powerbank and AA Battery Charge Product Information

Powerful AA battery solar charger  including 4 Ni-MH 1.000 mAh batteries

Powerbank function with USB out port

Integrated adjustable stand

Optimise solar charging

Solar cell: 4V, 180 mA, 0.7 Watt

Batteries: 4 x POWERplus Ni-Mh, 1.000 mAh

  • Solar powered – variable angle
  • USB output for all USB charging devices
  • Recharges 4 x AA Ni-MH batteries (included)
  • In an emergency AA primary batteries can be used to create a USB power source

How to use the USB Powerbank

Install the 4 included rechargeable batteries

The far right light on the back of the panel lights up to indicate the LED means solar panel is charging.

The light in the middle comes on to indicate the batteries are fully charged.

The light on on the left turns on to indicate when USB output is on

USB adapter is at the side of the device. Connect your mobile phone to charge.

Or charge any other small electronic devices which can be powered up by usb adapter such as torches and radios.



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