Toilet Smellkiller


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Toilet Smellkiller

Save money on bathroom deodorizers with the toilet smellkiller. Made by Ecozone the toilet smellkiller is designed to overcome even the most persistent of bad bathroom odours and will last you a lifetime without the need to replace it.

How the toilet smellkiller works

The toilet smell-killer has been tested to eliminate odours without the use of any chemicals for your toilet or bathroom. Made in Germany from high grade stainless steel the smellkiller does not cover odours instead it neutralises them as soon as it comes into contact with air and water. This result is clean and fresh air and no bad smells.

Benefits of the toilet smellkiller

- No need for bathroom deodorizers or chemicals helping you to reduce your shopping bill.

- Designed to last a lifetime just fit it to your toilet bowl and enjoy an odour free bathroom.

How to Use toilet smellkiller

Remove from packaging and wash under tap using a cleaning agent such as washing up liquid.

Hang onto rim of toilet bowl and let the fresh smell begin!



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