Toilet Leak Detection Tablets



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Toilet Leak Detection Kits (Four Pack)

Toilet leaks can be difficult to detect and if they exist you could be unnecessarily wasting thousands of litres of water every month.

Toilet leak dye tablets are the best way to identify if a leak is present and if they do its time to get the plumber in to deal with the problem

How to use the Toilet Leak Dye Tablets

Drop a dye tablet into the toilet cistern and leave for 10 minutes.

Flush toilet and if the water is blue it means that a leak exists.

If the water does not turn blue it means there is no leaking issues.

It is recommended to check your toilet cisterns for leaks every six months.

The toilet leak detection kit comes in packs containing four tablets.

The instruction guide which comes with the kit also contains some great tips on how to deal with leaky faucets.



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