Solar Powered Wireless Range Extender



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Solar Powered Wireless Range Extender

Surf the net from your garden your garage or outside your office with the Solar Powered Wireless Range Extender

The Solar Wifi- Range Extender meshes with your home or business wireless router and re-transmits your wireless network, enhancing and extending your signal coverage.

Campsites can enhance their wireless network for customers, a marina can offer extended Wifi coverage, pubs can offer Wifi in their beer gardens, and Wifi Hotspots can enhance the coverage they offer without installing expensive infrastructure.

It has a universial setting and can can be configured easily using your web browser to work on any wireless router.

MIMO dipole technology overcomes wall and obstacles to send and receive signals from your home or office wireless router and retransmit them.

How much extra wifi coverage can I expect from my Solar Powered Wireless Range Extender?

If you position the Range Extender according to our guidelines, you can expect an extended area coverage of up to five times greater and an increase in speed of up to twelve times, if you’re in an area with little radio interference from neighbouring wireless routers.

If installed according to guidelines it should extend your coverage from a minimum radius of 250 feet up to a maximum of 1,000 feet in areas which there little interference with neighbouring routers.


The nice thing about the Solar Powered Wireless Range Extender is that if you don't have sun, you can still have wifi by charging up the 16,000mAh internal battery in a wall socket. It takes less than 3 hours of wall charging to fill it up and the internal battery provides many hours of run time for with a full charge.


The whole thing folds up nicely into a little package. About 25cm x

15cm x 6.5cm, meaning that it is highly portable to position outside, in the sun, near

your existing wifi router without the need for any expensive cables or infrastructure.

High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery

The perfect green tech gadget for the modern outside worker or leisure person. With a powerful 16,000 mah battery. It is built strong and durable and comes with important safety features such as overload protection. It also has a built in Led light and mosquito killer for when you are working outdoors.


  • Battery material: Lithium ion polymer 3.7V 16000mAh
  • Output voltage: (Optional)5V/9V/12V/16V/19V
  • Output current: 1A/5V, 2A/9-12V, 4A/16-19V
  • Charging voltage: 100~ 240V AC/DC
  • Charging current: 2A (max)
  • Charging Time (Max.): <3 hours
  • Electric eye dimension: 120mmx80mm
  • Working environment temperature: -10 °C to +70 °C
  • Material of electric eye multicrystal silicon solar
  • High solar energy convert efficiency: over than >16%
  • use super-iron shell explosion-resistant extrusion, safe and reliable in the world
  • Overload protection and short circuit protection safety features
  • Material of electric eye surface 1mm chemically toughened glass
  • Ultrasonic mosquito killer: 40~80000HZ auto frequency conversion
  • Available distance of mosquito killer: 100 SQFT
  • Flashlight: Ø10mm white LED

Wireless Repeater

Acting as a bridge between the wired Ethernet and the 2.4GHz wireless IEEE

802.11b/g/n, this wireless access point let your wireless client stations access both the wired and the wireless network nodes.

The Universal Repeater function could extend the coverage and signal strength for the current wireless environment. This standardized function is compatible with other wireless APs and Routers. Users can use this feature to build up a large wireless network in a huge space like airports, hotels and schools…etc.

Except for the basic security control by ESSID and 64/128 bit key length WEP encryption, this access point also supports the advanced security features, like MAC access control, IEEE 802.1x authentication, TKIP, AES and hidden ESSID. It provides a total solution for you to build up a secure wireless network environment that can prevent from all kinds of hacker intrusion.

You can configure this access point through the friendly Web user interface with a browser. Compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards-Increases the wireless speed up to 12 times faster and extends the coverage up to 5 times further-Supports point-topoint and point-to multi point bridge function-Supports WDS repeater mode. With advanced 2T2R MIMO technology, this access point acts as a high-speed bridge between your wired and wireless networks