OWL Multi Socket Power Saver Strip – Control Individual sockets


This product has been discontinued

OWL Multi Socket Power Saver Strip - Remote Control of Individual sockets

The Owl Multi Socket Power Saver Strip is designed to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use by conveniently switching off those appliances normally kept on standby.

According to research carried out by SEAI as much as €35 million is wasted in Irish households every year by leaving electrical appliances on standby. Standby power also referred to as vampire power (for sucking power unnecessarily) accounts for 5% of the total electricity used in Irish households and accounts for over quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas according to this report.

The Owl Multi socket Power Saver Strip is a product which can help to combat this problem Simply plug into the wall socket and then plug your appliances into the Power Saver Strip.

Each button on the Owl Multi socket Power Saver Strip remote control switches off each individual socket.

How to set up your Owl Power Saver Strip with remote control system

  1. Remove plastic tab from Remote Control unit
  2. Plug Multi-Socket into wall mains power socket
  3. Press the coding button on Multi Socket once and the round light will slowly flash
  4. Press one of the numbered buttons on the Remote Control once
  5. The Multi Socket and Remote Control will synchronise automatically (1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so on)

How to Clear the Synchronisation code on Owl Power Saver Strip

Press and hold the coding button on the respective power strip for 6 seconds to clear synchronisation code.

Manual On/Off Button

The Owl Power Saver Strips include an ON/OFF button on the units that can be used in place of the Remote Control.



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