Owl USB Battery Recharger


No longer available

Owl USB Battery Recharger

The Owl USB Battery Charger is a compact PC charger and is compatible for charging both AA and AAA Owl batteries. The USB Charger can charge one or two batteries at a time.

How to Use your Owl USB Battery Recharger

  • Plug USB Charger into any USB port on your computer.
  • The green light will come on without any batteries in the charger. This indicates that no charging is taking place.
  • Insert 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries into the compartment. The battery’s negative end (minus sign) should be inserted into the top of the compartment with the positive end (plus sign) being snapped into position at the bottom of the compartment.
  • If the batteries need charging the Green Light will extinguish and charging will commence.
  • Once the batteries are fully charged the Green Light will illuminate indicating the batteries are fully charged.



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