Solar Driveway Light


We No Longer Sell This Item

Solar Driveway Light

These solar driveway lights are idea for commercial premises and are designed to withstand 2 tonnes weight without being damaged.

We no longer sell this item. See alternative solar lighting solutions we offer here

Save a fortune on mains energy by using these solar driveway lights as an alternative . The driveway light has 5 White Led bulbs and charges by day and automatically turn off every morning.

The driveway light can also be manually turned off if required at any time. Solarcentre-Solar-Driveway-Light

Each driveway light has 4 Polycrystalline silicon solar panels measures 145mm x 145mm  x 42mm in depth.

The Solar driveway light will work for up to 12 hours per night

Solar Driveway Lights Technical Information and Specifications

  • 4 × Polycrystalline silicon solar panels: Each 105×20mm, 1V, 170mA, 0.4W
  • Battery: Ni-Mh rechargeable:1.2V AAA 1800mAH
  • Material: Polycarbonate(PC)
  • Surface Load Capacity: 2 Tonnes
  • Size: 145 x 145 x 42mm
  • Weight: 630g




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