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Smoke Pencil Pro Kit

A Smoke Pencil is typically used to identify draughts and air leaks in rooms. It can identify things like where heat loss is ocurring in a room and allow you to easily identify areas which require insulation so that you can save energy.

Whilst some products that do the same work tend to have very dangerous chemicals and inflamables in them the Smoke Pencil Pro is different. It operates on a harmless Glycerine, Glycol and water vapour making it the safest product for identifying draughts on the market.

The smoke produced by the pencil does not produce any flames and leaves no marks on walls or others areas you are testing. It produces no residue or odour other than a very slight sweet aroma.

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Who Uses a Smoke Pencil?

The smoke pencil is useful for anyone that wants to get to the bottom of where draughts or Smoke-Pencil-Proair leaks are located and is particularly useful for

- DIY Home Enthusiasts

- Energy Assessors

- Chimney Specialists and Chimney Sweeps

- Gas Fitters

- Fire proofing engineers

- Aeroplane and Jet Mechanics

What comes in the Smoke Pencil Pro Kit? 

- Smoke Pencil Pro

- Adapter Tip (for when you want a narrow smoke pattern to test more delicate situations)

- 89ML Bottle of Smoke Fluid (enough to last 15 hours of consistent heavy duty draught proofing work). Replacement smoke pencil fluid can be ordered here

- 7 Rechargable Batteries (1400 NiMH)

- Handy kit carrier bag

How the Smoke Pencil Pro Works

The smoke pencils are essentially battery operated smoke sticks. An internal element heats the glycerine, glycol and water solution which produces a fine steam which looks like smoke.

This is completely non-toxic and offers excellent consistency for effective draught proofing.

The pencil includes a built-in LED light to help illuminate the area you are testing. The smoke quantity is easily controlled by the turn on trigger (for a small smoke stream squeezee trigger slightly, for large smoke stream squeezee trigger full)



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