USB Battery Charger


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USB Battery Charger

One of the smallest and lightest AA and AAA battery chargers in the whole world the Freeloader battery charger will oower NIMH or NiCad AA and AAA, rechargeable batteries (2 at a time) through an in built USB connector.

Keeps GPS, radios, clocks, remote controls, head torches, digital cameras and many more devices powered anywhere anytime!

This USB Battery charger is supplied with 2 x 1300mAh AA, NIMH batteries.

The typical charging times from the USB charge is 3 to 4 hours.

Battery charge indicators give information about the charging status of the unit and the level of power in the batteries

The “charger” also houses a super bright LED which can be used as a permanent torch or a “press to use” flash light.


USB Battery Charger Technical Information

Dimensions 85 x 37 x 19mm
Weight 54g (including 2 x AA Batteries)
Recharged sizes AA and AAA
In built connector type USB
Input Voltage 5.5v DC
Charging Current 150 – 300 mAh
Full USB Charge 3 to 4 hours

What comes in with the USB Battery Charger?

2 x AA 1300mAh NIMH batteries

1 x AAA reducer adaptor

1 x Freeloader charging cable

1 x detailed user instructions



Rechargeable Batteries

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