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Amphiro Smart Shower Meter

The new Amphiro smart meter is designed to help you control both your water and energy consumption when showering and save money on both water charges and energy bills.

The smart meter is designed to fit standard domestic hand held shower heads by simply attaching it on between the shower hose and the showerhead.

The large digital screen on the Amphiro gives you a reading on the amount of water you are using per litre, the energy rating of each individual shower (A to G) and the temperature of the water coming out of the shower.

At the bottom of the screen a polar bear stands on ice. The longer you spend in the shower the more the ice will melt from under the bear.

Saving Money with the Amphiro Shower Smart Meter 

International studies show that on average more energy is used in households every year to heat water than the combined figure for cooking, lighting, the fridge and electronic devices.

The average energy consumption for heating water is 2,000 kWh (about 380 euro per annum based on current Irish energy rates)

International tests show that the average household using the Amphiro Smart Meter are saving an average of 440 kWh (91.80 euro based on Irish rates) and are also saving an average of 8,500 litres on water consumption ( 41.48 euro based on Irish water rates).

Therefore an investment in a smart shower meter should provide you with a return on investment within 6 months.

See Amphiro Smart Meter Video Demonstration

How the Amphiro Smart Shower Meter Works

Amphiro displays real time energy and water consumption on an easy to read screen allowing you to set yourself saving goals.

During operation it will show water temperature in centigrade, volume of water usage from 0.1 litre up to 2,000 litres and a climate animation.

All information is presented on a per shower basis and it automatically activates itself within a fraction of a second of the tap being turned on.

It will go off automatically after a period of three minutes of inactivity.

When the shower flow stops the display screen will show the energy efficiency class of the shower on a scale of A plus to G minus and the shower volume in litres and the energy consumption in watt hours or kilowatt hours.

It will remain in this mode for three minutes or unless the shower is switched back on amphiro-web-portalwithin this time frame.

There is also a Amphiro free online portal where you can log your shower consumption over time, observe trends and see how your household compares with the usage of other households that have installed the Amphiro Smart Meter.

Installing the Shower Smart Meter how-to-install-amphiro

1: Unscrew your showerhead from shower hose.

2: Remove the red adhesive tape at the bottom end of the amphiro smart meter and ensure the sieve stays in place. (The curbed side must point towards the interior of the device). Screw the shower hose onto the connector  with the sieve.

3: Screw the showerhead into the short hose on the amphiro. Be sure to remove the blue safety cap first and ensure that the sealing ring stays in place inside the hose.



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