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Premium Sheep Wool Insulation (Wall Insulation)

100% Premium Sheep wool insulation is primarily used for internal and external wall insulation, on roof rafters or between suspended timber joists on the ground floor

The only 100% naturally produced sheep wool product on the market it contains no polyester and no binders.

This Sheepwool insulation helps to prevent a building from overheating during the summer and is irritant free and thus completely safe to use.

A fully breathable product which keeps its insulation value even if moisture is present this 100% Sheeps Wool insulation has been awarded the much coveted Nature Plus Seal and has European Technical Approval.


Where to use 100%Sheepwool Premium Insulation

  1. Attic/Loft Ceiling Level
  2. Attic/Loft Rafter Level
  3. Between Floors
  4. Internal Walls
  5. Ground Floor
  6. External Walls

See Sheep Wool Comfort Rolls for attic joist flooring insulation.premium-sheep-wool-insulation

It is available in four different sized rolls 100mm (4 Inches) and 150mm (6 Inches) in thickness each of which are available in a width size of 380mm (15 Inches) or 570mm (23 Inches)

Features and Benefits of Premium Sheep Wool Insulation 

- Premium sheep wool insulation is made from pure wool fibres and offer a superior sheep-wool-wall-insulationthermal performance that almost any alternative fibre insulation products.

- It will hold thickness and shape throughout its lifespan and as it is make from 100% wool it is a fully breathable product which maintains its thermal efficiency in any climate.

- Because it is made for a high density of wool fibres it also acts as a great tool for sound proofing a building.

- Save to touch and handle and requires no protective equipment or clothing whilst being installed.

- Can be installed on top of glass or mineral fibre insulation products reducing the sheep-wool-roof-insulationpossibility of hazardous particles becoming airborne.

- Safer to have installed than fibre materials. In the event of fire as it will not emit poisionous fumes.

- Sheep wool is a renewable and sustainable natural product which requires a fraction of the energy costs associated with produces other insulation products.

- As 100% sheep wool insulation offers a superior thermal performance to fibre insulation products and sheep wool insulation it is not necessary to install the same thickness to get the same results. 250mm of premium sheep wool insulation will do the job of 300mm of other insulation products.

- Whilst the initial outlay for this product against rival products is more expensive it also has a longer lifespan, has health benefits and will work out cheaper in the long run.




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