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Seagrow Seaweed Fertiliser

SeaGrow comes in a 2kg bucket and is a natural organic powdered seaweed fertiliser, soil conditioner and tonic which is ideal for using on vegetables or plants in the home, garden or in the allotment.

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This Irish product is produced by hand harvesting the seaweed from the rocks on the seashore at low tide. It is then washed, milled, dried and packaged.

Seagrown contains Ascophyllum Nodosum, one of the most abundant seaweeds found along the pristine Irish coastline of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The strong growing healthy seaweed plants absorbs an abundance of nutrients, minerals and trace elements from the sea which makes the Seaweed one of the richest plants on our earth.

SeaGrow contains more that 58 trace minerals, vitamins and enzymes which promotes vigorous growth and helps to deter nasty pests such as greenfly and whitefly.

The insoluble carbohydrates found in Ascophyllum Nodosutm in SeaGrow acts as a soil conditioner, which improves aeration and soil structure, especially in clay soils.

Apart from macro and micronutrients, seaweed contains many growth promoting hormones like cytokinin, gibberellin and auxins and betaines the role of which are essential to plant life. They accelerate, balance and control of rate of growth.

What are the main benefits of using Seaweed Fertiliser?

• Improved soil germination

• Increased uptake of soil nutrients

• Increased soil fertility

• Stronger root growth

• Improved soil structure

• Increased crop yields

• Resistance of plants to frost

• Increased resistance to stress conditions

• Reduces storage losses of fruit harvest's.

How to Apply the Seagrow Fertiliser on Plants and Crops?

When preparing ground for sowing/planting- add 100g-150g of Seagrow to your soil and rake in.

• When plants are established add a spoonful around the base of your plant once a month, water well and watch them flourish. This will ensure a bountiful harvest.

• Treating all vegetables with SeaGrow will give them a much needed boost and will extend the shelf life of harvested vegetables and plants, and will protect crops left in the ground after the first frost.

Vegetables 100 - 150g per square meter
Flowers 100 -150g per square meter
Shrubs 100 -150g per square meter
Lawns and grasses 50 -70 g per square meter
Compost 1 part SeaGrow to 50 parts compost.  Add Seagrow when the compost is maturin

Seagrow and Seed Germination

Treating seeds with SeaGrow prior to planting will improve seed germination, root growth and early seedling vigor.

Using Seagrow as a Rooting Solution

Use SeaGrow as a rooting solution. Place cuttings in a solution of SeaGrow and water until roots develop, then plant. When planting out ,water in with the remainder of the solution. Studies have shown that seeds soaked in seaweed extract germinate more rapidly, have larger root mass, show stronger plant growth and higher survival rates by reducing transplant shock and speeding up root growth.

Using Seagrow at Bud Formation Stage

When a spoonful of SeaGrow is applied to the plants as they begin to bud, SeaGrow promotes additional bud formation. Regular use of SeaGrow will help plants withstand environmental stress such as frost, pests such as whitefly and greenfly and disease attack such as blight.

Using Seagrow Pre- Harvest Time

SeaGrow extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables if applied 10 to 12 days before harvesting.

Seagrow and Compost

Seaweed has a broad and well-balanced range of nutrients. And it is packed with plant nourishment. Seaweed breaks down rapidly in the compost heap encouraging the breakdown of other compost materials, therefore speeds up the compost process and adds vital nutrients to your compost.

Using Seagrow on House Plants

Add a spoonful to your indoor plants to give it a boost, simply mix a spoonful of SeaGrow with the soil and water regularly. If your Daffodils/Tulips are in situ for a few years and need a boost add a little SeaGrow to the area and let the rain wash it in.



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