Radiator Booster Extension Cable


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Radiator Booster 3 Meter Extension Cable

This extension cable for the new model Radiator Booster  MK3 is useful when the 3 Meter cable which comes with product is not long enough to reach the nearest socket.

The Radiator Booster is a low energy fan which is placed on the top of water based radiators and helps to circulate the heat faster in the room. This ultimately means that you don't need to leave your heaters on for as long as usual and you reduce your energy bills.

This 3 Meter Radiator Booster Extension Cable gives you a 6 meter reach to the nearest socket to power your Booster.

To use simply attach it to the existing cable which comes with the Radiator Booster

This product can also be used with the Radfan



Radiator Booster

Replaced by a similar product


Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve


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