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Solar Power Bank and Multi-Functional Light

This Solar or USB charged Power Bank from Powerplus is also known as the Colibri. It allows you to easily charge electrical appliances by connecting the power bank to your electrical devices such as mobile phones, smart phones (Iphones and Android) through the included USB cable.

The included accessories make this a multi-use product as the powerbank can also double up as a 2 LED flashlight, a 10 LED desk light and even a hanging light.

The powerbank itself can be charged by daylight or through the integrated USB power cable.

Great 10 LED Desk Light

The product also comes with a 10LED flexible light which can be converted into a highly effective desk light.

The product also comes with a strap making it handy to attach the power bank to bags and backpacks. The strap is also great for creating a hanging light so that you can easily read at night when on camping trips.

See Video on Solar Power Bank and Multi-Functional Light

Using your Solar Power Bank

To charge the power bank by using solar energy simply position the power bank in daylight. When charging a red led light will be constantly on the side of the power bank.

Great to use as Hanging Light when camping.

To charge the power bank through your laptop simply slip out the USB adapter from the underside of the power bank and attached to the laptop.

Push button on the side of Power Bank to see how well charged it is. When three blue led lights are showing it means that the Power Bank is fully charged.

To charge any device simply attach the power bank to the device through the included USB adapter cable.

Solar Power Bank Technical Details

Item Parameter Unit
Solar Charger
Output 5.5 Volt
Maximum Charging Output 0.3 Watt
Port Out USB
Lithium Ion 3.7 Volts
Maximum Capacity 800 mAh
Charging time by sun 10-15 Hours
Charging time by USB 2-3 Hours




Emergency Phone Charger

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