Owl Energy Monitor Standard Sensor


Replaced by Similar Eco Eye Product

Owl Energy Monitor Small Sensor


These standard size sensors can be used in conjunction with the Owl Micro Plus Energy Monitor (CM180) and the Owl Plus USB Energy Monitor (CM160)


The Owl Range on Purchase.ie has been replaced with the Eco Eye range.


See Eco Eye range here


For measuring the energy usage on three phase light commercial premises (71A) premises you will require 2 of these sensors in addition to the standard Owl Energy Monitor packs.


They clip on to the over wire of your electricity supply allowing your monitor to pick up an accurate reading of the amount of energy which is being consumed.


If you are looking to measure energy usage on cables up to 10mm in diamater this is the sensor you require.


For larger cables (10mm-17mm) you will need the Owl Energy Monitor Large Sensor





Large Electricity Monitor Sensor

No longer available. New brand coming soon!


Owl Electricity Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite