Large Electricity Monitor Sensor


No longer available. New brand coming soon!

Large Owl Energy Monitor Sensor for 3 Phase Buildings


All Owl Electricity Monitors come with standard sensors for clipping onto your electric cables to enable the monitoring process.


However if your cables are of a diameter greater than 10mm you will need to get these Large OWL sensors.


Typically these may be needed for 3 Phase systems up to 200A per phase. The cable diameter is usually 10mm to 17mm in diameter.


You will need 3 of these in order to measure your energy usage in this situation.


If your single phase system has cables larger than 10mm you will also need to get one of these large owl sensors.


Owl large sensors are user configurable for the Irish, UK and operation on all International wiring systems.





Owl Electricity Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite


Owl Energy Monitor Standard Sensor

Replaced by Similar Eco Eye Product