Owl AAA Rechargeable Batteries


Replaced by Cole & Bright Batteries

Owl AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Four pack of Owl AAA Rechargeable batteries to compliment your AAA Recharger kit.

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The Owl AAA rechargeable batteries are more powerful than most rechargeable batteries on the market. (1.5v compared to 1.2v for most other rechargeables). They can be recharged up to 500 times depending on the application and frequency of charging and the batteries generally have a lifespan of about 7 years.
Pre-charged and ready to use straight out of the pack these AAA batteries have no memory effect and therefore can be recharged at any time.
The batteries are mercury and cadmium free because of the extended use you get from this product it means less batteries going to landfill and thus has positive environmental effects.

Getting the most out of your Owl AAA Batteries

1: Do not recharge before initial use
2: Recharge only in Owl Chargers
3: Do not mix Owl Batteries with any other type of batteries
4: Batteries do not need to be totally discharged before being recharged.
5: To maximise performance recharge frequently and top up at any time.
6: Do not recharge before initial use.

Do not attempt to recharge Owl batteries in a Nickel Cadmium charger or any other charger as batteries may leak causing personal injury.




Owl USB Battery Recharger

No longer available


Owl AA Rechargeable Batteries

Replaced by Cole & Bright Batteries