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Insulated Outside Tap Cover

This outdoor tap cover from Irish company Exitex is designed to protect against frost and ensure that your water supply does not freeze which can lead to burst pipes and potential flooding.

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Designed to fit standard 1/2 Inch (BS1010/2)  taps it can be trimmed to suit the wall flange and pipe.

After the tap cover has been installed for the first time it is not necessary to ever remove the tap cover to use the tap. Instead you can just remove the top cap and nozzle plug and use as normal.

How to Install Outdoor Tap Coverhow-to-install-outdoor-tap-cover

1: Remove hose from your outdoor tap.

2: Remove green top cap and the green nozzle plug from cover.

3: Open the cover and assemble around the tap (trim excess material if required)

4: Close the tap cover




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