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Convector Heater with timer

This efficient freestanding convector heater from De Vielle is designed to heat an area of up to 25 Square Meters.

Convection heat are very effective in heating a room evenly as it warms a room from the top down. It uses the natural movement of air which rises when warm and drops as it cools.

These convector heaters have three power settings (750W/ 1250W / 2000W) and simple to use controls.

It is fitted with a  24 Hour timer and an adjustable thermostat to help you save on your energy bill

It measures the following  dimensions: 53cm x 20cm x 38.5cm and at just over 2kg in weigh it is relatively easy for anyone to more from one location in the home or office to the other.

It has an overheat protection facility and a thermostat for automatic temperature adjustment.

This free standing heater is GE/GS approved

2 Year Guarantee




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