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Ladder Stabiliser - The Surestep

The Ladder Stabiliser is designed by an Irish company based in  County Galway called Wesolve Ltd.

Wesolve specialise in providing simple solutions to complex industrial problems.

Known as the Surestep this great ladder safety device is designed to secure the base of your ladder giving you added safety and protection on the ground so that you can focus on the job on hand at a height without the worry that the ladder might slip back or fall to the left or right.

The Surestep is a small price to pay for safety on ladders. In Ireland alone it is estimated that 220 people are injured every year as a result of a fall from a ladder. According to UK statistics every year 52 people (1 per week) die as a result of a fall from a ladder.

Suitable to fit to the base of any aluminium ladder the Ladder Stabliser is made from durable steel has no moving parts and offers you safety on any type of surface or uneven ground.

The product has a worldwide patent and has been successfully tested to European Safety Standards.

How to use the  Ladder Stabliser

When installing the Surestep ladder stabiliser no tools are require. The product comes in two pieces which simply attach on the base of both sides of your ladder. Watch the video below for full guidelines.



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