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Brusti Segregated & Vented Recycling Bin

An Irish designed and manufactured product the Brustibin was developed by Kerryman Michael Prendergast.

Initially launched on the market in 2013 in dark grey  the Brusti Bin is now available in five different colours. It allows you to easily segregate three different types of waste whilst storing them all within one large waste collection unit.

The large outer bin is 70 litres in size and within it there are two smaller 7 litre green bins. segregation-bin

The large outer bin is where you store your dry recycables (newspapers, magazines, milk cartons, tins, cardboard etc)

You use one of the 7 litre internal bins to store your bio waste (food waste)

The other 7 litre internal bin is for landfill waste (tin foil, plastics etc)

What makes the Brusti bin unique is that it is completely vented throughout. There are vent holes at the base of the outer bin and at the base of the two 7 litre inner bins. The lid of the Brustibin is even vented.

What does the Vented feature on the Brusti Bin Mean? 

The vented feature means that both the bio waste and the landfill waste can be carefully dried whilst decomposing. This helps to eliminate bad odours and reduces the overall weight of the refuse as the liquid evaporates from the waste.

What Colours does the Brusti Bin Come in?

The Brusti Bin is now available in five colours.

1: Spring Green

2: Light Blue

3: Red

4: Light Grey

5: Dark Grey (Original)


Features and Benefits of the Brusti Bin

- Large capacity 70 litres bin (Dimensions 65cm x 37cm x37cm)

- Easy to clean and lid and internal bins are dishwasher compatible.

- No fear of rusting as it is made from a robust plastic construction.

- Handles and segrates three different types of waste easily.

- Makes emptying bins easy.

- Unique vented design helps to reduce waste odours and leachate ( harmful liquid that moves through or drains from a landfill)

 Watch Video Demonstration of the Brustibin

While there is no need to use customised internal bin liners with the Brusti Bin we do recommend using Brusti Bags which are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable.


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