Ecocamel Aerated Fixed Shower Head


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Ecocamel Aerated Fixed Shower Head

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Save energy and water and reduce your carbon footprint whilst enjoying an invigorating spa shower experience with the water saving fixed shower head for wall fittings.

Features & Benefits of an Water Saving Ecocamel Fixed shower head

  • Saves Energy by Using Up to 60 % Less Hot Water Ecocamel-Jetstorm-Water-Saving-Fixed-Showerhead
  • Eliminates clogging & scaling – contains removable face plate
  • Contains quick drain feature – anti-legionella effect
  • Sleek chrome design with unique spray effect
  • Water consumption - conventional shower-head - 12 litres a minute.
  • Water consumption – new Aerated shower-head 7 litres a minute.

The ecocamel fixed showerhead is made with the highest quality brass internal fitting, sleek chrome and a unique face plate designed with 36 ports with rub clean nodules.

It gives a low splash spray pattern with a high impact rinse that feels soft with a invigorating feel on the skin .

The ecocamel fixed unit is simple to fit , it replaces the existing fixed head unit.

Potential Savings with Ecocamel fixed shower head

  • It is estimated that with an aeratored showerhead install a family of four will save over 43,000 litres of water every year.
  • It is estimated that a family of four can save up to €290 every year on water and electricity bills using the new aerated showerhead so this product will pay for itself in no time.

How does the ecocamel water saving shower head work?

Air is inhaled into the water stream through a venturi device at the base of the handle to create a mix of water and air.

This mixture increases the pressure inside the body of the shower head causing turbulence and spins the water at high speed.

Pressurised spa like shower spray gives an enjoyable full flow performance, delivering up to 60% savings on water.

Conventional non aerated showers and flow restricted handsets produce a flow of water that bounces off your body.

More water is needed to wet you thereby increasing wastage.

The aerated showerhead spray actually contains lighter, softer water droplets that break on impact against the skin.

This gives an enhanced showering experience without water splashing everywhere.

Using the aerated showerhead in a bathroom with a shower curtain will push the curtain away from your body when you shower, in contrast to conventional non aerated showerheads which encourage the curtain to cling to your body rather annoyingly.

The Aerated Showerhead uses the principles of fluid dynamics to inject air directly into the water stream, forcing a strong pressure of air bubbles inside the shower head to causes turbulence and spin the water at high speed.

The extra velocity produces a unique pressurised shower spray increasing the volume and accelerating the water as it leaves the shower head to give powerful wetting and washing properties with a high impact rinse. Ecocamel Showerhead Reviews


Rick Boelens says:


Looking for a fixed shower head to reduce water use and provide a nice soft spray I found exactly the right device at It was delivered at lightening speed at a very reasonable cost. That’s what I call service!



Frank says:


Bought an eco shower head a while back. It works; service was excellent; delivedry prompt. What more can I say – hope to do business with this great Irish company again soon.


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Water Saving Fixed Shower Head



Water Saving Showerhead

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