Eco Kettle Chrome Plus


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Eco Kettle Electronic with Temperature Settings

The newest version of the Eco Kettle not only allows you to save on your energy bills by boiling only the exact amount of water you need at any one time it also allows you to dicate the temperature level at which the Kettle Switches off.

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When preparing tea or coffee there is no need for the water temperature to reach 100 degree Celcius. If the Kettle switches off before the water reaches this temperature it will lead to extra savings on your energy bill.


The Kettle comes with 3 temperature settings eco-kettle-energy-saving-recommended


80 degree Celcius - Ideal temperature for Tea


90 degree Celcius - Perfect for Coffee


100 degre Celcius - Boiling


To use simply


1: Fill kettle with water


2: Release the required water needed to the boiling chamber


3: Select temperature by pressing the relevant temperature setting button


4: Turn on kettle


The Eco Kettle Chrome Plus can take up to 1.5 litres of water and operates at 2.2KW when switched on.

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A recent statement released by the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs  said


"If everyone boiled only the water they needed to make a cup of tea instead of filling the kettle every time we could save enough electricity to run practically all the street lighting in the UK"


Independent consumer trials directed by the Energy Saving Trust in the UK found that the Eco Kettle typically uses 30% less energy that a standard kettle.

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