Capuchin Day Centre Donation 2014

Christmas Donation for the Homeless 

2014 has been an extremely good year for For a pleasant change we managed to  easily exceed the lofty goals set for ourselves back in January and will now give something back by making a donation to a worthy cause. is now 5 years old and we will approach 2015 with a great air of confidence given the success we have achieved in 2014. There certainly has been some Christmas seasons over the past recession dominated years when we seriously considered throwing in the towel altogether.

One charity which is close to our heart and one we have donated to in the past is the Capuchin Day Centre on Bow Street in Dublin 8 which provides hot meals, food parcels, clothing and showering facilities every day for the homeless in the capital and those in need.

Most of us can only ever aspire to be as wonderful a person as Brother Kevin Crowley who runs the Capuchin Centre and who has given selflessly to those in need since 1969 without ever looking for any praise in return.

Whilst we are only a small business we would like to do our very small bit to help this worthy charity again this Christmas.

We will be donating €1 per transaction processed through website dating back to December 1st and running right up to December 31st 2014.

If you are not interested in ordering anything from us you might still consider making a donation directly to the charity by visiting the Capuchin Day Centre Donation Page here 

The unfortunate death of Jonathan Corrie close to Leinster House recently has at least helped to highlight how big a problem homelessness is in Dublin and has sparked a “better late than never reaction” from the government towards the issue.

Anybody watching the RTE documentary “The High Hopes Choir” over the past few weeks would have to be very hard nosed not to feel moved by the plight of these unlucky people that fall on hard times. Those that do deserve another chance to get their lives together. Please give what you can by donating directly or at least knowing that if you order anything from we will be giving something back.

See Video on Capuchin Day Centre

If placing order for Christmas gifts between now and Dec 25th we recommend that you call us in advance to ensure the item or items are in stock and can be delivered to you in time.

Please call us 066 7136486.

You can contact the Capuchin Day Centre on 01 872 0770

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